Rensmurs Bed & Breakfast

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About us

We who run this business is Anne-Britt and Tommy . The one who always give us trouble and also lives on the yard is the cat� �Mio� (a raze genuine farm cat if you ask her) .

�The original thought with the cottage was that our children and grandchildren should have there own place to live when they where visiting us.. Later on it showed that the parents preferred us� to take care of the grandchildren's in the early mornings and for that they stayed in the main building. So the cottage stood empty!

So what to do with a new built empty cottage? Yes, that make us start our own business with renting the cottage and also bed & breakfast (year 2005). Since then our business has developed and we have during this time met a lot of lovely guests.

Today we constantly develop our business and create cooperation's with other tourist companies in the neighbourhood.

We welcome you to Rensmur and will do our best to make your stay here� something to remember!


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