Rensmurs Bed & Breakfast

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·  Visit Sala Silver mine (see  Links)

·  Visit Sätra Brunn (spa town, see Links)

·  Play golf on several courses (see Links)

· Take a swim in several lakes

·  Fishing (see Links)

· Take a tour at the spark (there is several to borrow)

· Watch Swedish television

·  Read some book from the cottage library

·  Visit the playground in the town of Sala

· Visit Gårdsjö Älgpark (too see moose, see Links)











· Walk in the forest (starts from the cottage)

· Walk the ”Troll path” on our land (for the children with placed trolls in the forest)

·  Cycling (there are at least 4 bicycles to borrow ) 

· Pick mushrooms

· Riding on islands horses (in cooperation with Alderkärret Islands horse”, see riding in the menu)

· Pick berries of all kinds

· Ice skating on several lakes

· Cross-country skiing

· Visit Sweden's only public monastery with real monks









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